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    Angela Green

    I have a 2007 Nissan Quest with over 130K. Early winter started to not accelerate when pushed gas – would spit and sputter when starting out and then as it warmed up worked itself out. As winter wore on and it got colder and colder it got so much worse that we couldn’t drive it at all – would no longer warm up and start working – could push pedal to floor and wouldn’t accelerate over 10 km/hr. If parked inside warm garage would work fine. Took to Nissan – told us it was ECM – it was BADLY corroded – $1100 for part. Said no thanks, found one online for $100 and got them to replace it – still didn’t work. They said it was definitely an electrical problem and had the van in the shop for a day and a half checking wires. Told us they were 90% sure it was the throttle body – $285 for part. No thanks, bought one online for half that and got a local mechanic to put it on. Guess what?? STILL didn’t work. We have now spent over $1000 in labor, parts and towing costs, not to mention being without our second vehicle for 3 WEEKS – not easy when both people work and have 2 children in activities every night. Needless to say we ARE NOT happy with Nissan. We called to tell them that the throttle body still did not fix it and they were puzzled (???!!! all they do is work on these vehicles and yet they have no ideas how to fix it ???!!!) and said they were going to contact a “specialist” at Nissan to see if they have any ideas. That was SEVERAL days ago and they still haven’t called us back. Meanwhile, the local mechanic who replaced the throttle body for us – for some reason – thought to turn off the traction control button on the dash (I had no idea it was even there). Low and behold – the van works – not perfect but it is driveable. Then my husband decides to remove the fuse for the ABS, traction control, etc. and the van works fine. Can ANYONE tell me what the heck could be wrong with this vehicle and needs to be replaced?? We can drive it for now but obviously I’d like to repair whatever is broken. I have TOTALLY given up on Nissan and I will NEVER buy another vehicle from them again!!




    I’m surprised there were no “check engine” lights on. Here’s a few discussion on Quest vans who also had problems with acceleration:

    Hopefully one of these discussions can help. I have this happen intermittently. I siimply turn the vehicle off and re-start it. that solves the problem. I haven’t looked into much since we will likely replace the van very soon….and it won’t be with another Quest.

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