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    I have a 1999 Quest. It has very cold air from the rear A/C unit but only warm air from the front unit.

    Anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Thanks a ton!




    I assume the front blower is still working, this is you still have air going through front vents.

    First, I would check the front air flappers. These are controlled by vacuum. Maybe you have a vacuum leak and the flapper are not switching to the evaporator side. They might be stocked on the warm air.

    Second, check if you hear a low hizzy noise. This is made by the expansion valve. This valve is responsible for creating a pressure drop on the refrigerant fluid and creating the low temp on the evaporator to cool the front of the car. When this valve is bad there is no cold temp created in the evaporator.

    Hope it helps.



    The front air in my 2001 Quest blows warm and the air in back is cold, although if you are on the highway and driving continuously, the front air will blow cold. Someone suggested that this could be a dirty cabin air filter since it does blow cold when the car is moving at a high speed.

    Do you think this is a possibility?




    From the A/C point of view, the difference between low and high speed is the engine RPM. This makes the A/C compressor run at higher RPM too and higher pressure in line. In your case, it is VERY likely your problem is the expansion valve in the front evaporator. It needs to be replaced.

    The cabin filter has nothing to do with your issue. Just think about this, when you want MAX A/C COOLING you put the A/C air in recirculation. Recirculation stops all external air to the cabin by closing a flaper. Therefore, the cabin filter is removed from the picture.


    marlone pineda

    i have my AC check in local auto SHop they added DYE to check for leaks they didnt find any and 2 cans of freon it ac works for few days and then i heared clicking noise on the compressor like its trying to start and they added 2 cans of freon again clicking noise disapear but after few days clicking noise on the compressor re-appeared and its blowing hot air now

    please help



    The freon is obviously leaking if they added 4 cans of freon to the system. I would take it to another shop to have the AC looked at.

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