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    We just bought a used 2004 Quest SL. It came with the dual DVD screens, but neither of the wireless headphones. I cannot get the DVD audio to work through the car speakers even though I am following the instructions to do so. The display panel indicates “No DVD” while the DVD video track is playing. The car is out of warranty and I am looking for a cheap fix. Any experience/suggestions?



    If you already have wireless headsets then there should be an FM Transmitter installed most probably somewhere near the dvd player underneath the seat. It is a small box (mine is from Myron & Davis..Model # ANT-108 looks something like this ) with 4 Green LEDs (only one LED will be lit). It can transmit 4 selectable FM channels (88.7, 89.7, 90.5 & 91.5) mine was set to 88.7, you just need to play something on the DVD and while its playing turn your radio ON & set the channel to one of the above frequencies (remember if you have a different Make/model of FM Transmitter then it might have different frequency, just google it with the model #).
    This also works when you want to connect something (ipod etc) to the DVD player Aux In and just change the mode from the remote to AUX 1 or AUX 2 depending where you connected it.
    Hope this helps.



    To add to time2retire good post,you basically have to find the radio station that is linked to the DVD. Most likely a low number. You can set the channels. My unit, which was an aftermarket brand (not sure of the brand name), sets the radio station through the screen and not the DVD unit. You can buy wireless headsets to connect to your DVD unit.

    good luck


    Jimmy Newtron

    To get the audio to work, hold the Rear AV button down for more than 1.5 seconds; you should now hear the DVD. If you only want it through the headphones, just make sure the rear speakers are turn off and the headphones are turned on (button with a speaker/headphone on it will toggle between the 2). BTW, if it’s a factory install then the wireless headphones actually use infrared to receive the audio signal, not FM modulation as suggested.



    I am having the same “no DVD” problem. I went through my low stations but none are playing the movie audio. I have tried everything and can’t find a solution!



    I had this problem with my 06 S model (only one screen). I had installed a pac II into my sat port so I could have an aux port. When I re-assembled I didn’t get the harness clipped all the way in. If your radio says no DVD most likely it’s unplugged from the deck. You’ll have to take the dash apart, and pull the head unit to check. There are directions in the forum on how to do this.

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