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    I just bought my 02 Quest about 4 months ago with 64,000 miles on it, and its making a squeak noise, it comes from the steering column (or so it seems) or right in the dash on that side from somewhere.when I first take off and the trans starts switching through the gears you hear it.And going over bumps you can hear it, its not a rattle noise its a squeaking or chrip noise.I looked underneath and tightened up every bolt and screw I could see and everything looks and feels tight..I just don’t know.. Please help


    quest 4 fun

    I thought I had noise coming from the interior of my 2001 Quest SE– a lot of squeeky noises that sounded like loose components inside the car. It turns out that the bodybolts/cheap plastic inserts that hold the wheel well plastic to the front bumper or side quarterpanels- right around the front wheels- were missing. When the bodybolts disappear, a lot of the black plastic underpanels start to rattle around under the Quest and within the wheelwells. Also, the front rubber strip under the hood and the rubber grommets need to be lubed up so they don’t squeak against the hood– especially in cold weather. You will be surprised how quiet things get when you bolt things down and lube up the rubber strippings around the van. Unless your swaybar links are shot— then that is a whole other rattle and squeak that needs your attention.
    Quest 4 fun

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