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    I was wondering if anyone hears a noise coming from their front end? I have a 04 SE, and every time I accelerate there is a noise like loose metal banging really fast, it’s most noticeable when turning left or just starting out. I took it to the dealer, they had no clue, so they finally just told me that its the engine knocking and to change my gas. I did that and it just keeps getting worse. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.



    I am having the exact same problem in our 04 quest Sl with 40,000 miles. Anyone else? I noticed it doesnt do it when you put it in neutral. Only when its in gear. We also have a deep hum noise coming from it sounds like the under carriage?



    We had a problem with a heat shield on the exhaust. Only happened at certain RPMs and it was a very high frequency rattle or hum.



    In addition to the heat shield, they also replaced the left-front axle. As I recall, the boot needed replacing, but could not be ordered separately. The problem was fixed in one visit – free loaner always.



    I got that rattling noise at around 8000 miles.

    Depending upon how much gas is being applied, causes it. When I let up off the gas pedal it stops.

    At my next service which is any day now, I’ll have the mechanics check out the heat shielding.



    Have the same problem with my 01 Quest at 75K. Started out very intermittent, now a constant companion at highway speeds, although it shuts up when braking. Took it in for a brake job today and they said need a new boot and they could replace the axle at the same time. Axles seem a bit drastic?! Comments, pls.



    Replacing the whole axle is usually easier (IMHO), and since they almost always come with seamless boots, it tends to be better overall as it is harder for dirt and stuff to get in and damage the joint.


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