Odometer jumped 10k miles!

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    Anyone had or noticed their odometer jumping ahead?
    We were on a trip and drove 15 hours to Florida which was a 870 mile trip. We had 104,440 miles on the van when we left, validated by the dealer service records and our own notes to track MPG. We arrived in FL and didn’t notice the odometer. The van remained parked for 4 days. Upon leaving, we noticed it had 115,310 miles on the odometer. Upon checking the trip computer (setting 1), it did not reflect this 10k mile gain. The trip computer also didn’t reflect a change in MPG with the additional 10k miles. The trip computer (setting 2) hasn’t been reset in a very long time as we don’t use it. and continued to show a total mileage just over 4k miles, therefore, also not reflecting this 10k mile gain in the odometer.
    What would cause this jump of 10k miles on the odometer?



    A trip back to the dealer revealed that the odometer didn’t jump, the LCD is burning out.
    So, we have 105,000 but one side of the zero isn’t showing, so, it looks like 115,000.
    I asked if they could verify the mileage via the computer and he said no. He said the LCD’s are burning out on the Quest frequently and they cannot validate the mileage, so, they start back at zero with a report to the DMV that the mileage is no longer correct. Great…
    He wanted $700 to replace it. I’ll just leave it alone.
    Seems the Quest is slowly wasting away….

    2004 Quest SE, 106,000 miles
    CD player broke
    Some LCD’s on odometer out



    2004 SE just turned 107,000 miles. About a month ago the odometer and gas gauge LCD started going out. About the same time the a/c dials and radio control lights went out.

    I’m keeping an eye on the mileage…what a huge piece of crap this thing has turned out to be!
    I can’t keep brakes on the rear, front lower control arm bushings, gauge cluster lcd’s and lights, ECM’s rusting out, timing chain tensioners made of plastic that cost me $1800 back int he Spring…what else did I miss?

    This is my LAST Nissan, and I tell everybody I can what a P.O.S. Nissans are!



    Yep. Just ditched my 07 for a new Sienna. Couldn’t handle all of the quality issues. It was non-stop with this thing!



    I had the same problem with my odometer display. After searching on ebay for a replacement speedometer, I found a company that repairs the odomter display and comes with a 1 year warranty. Also I didn’t lose my original mileage either. The company is Eastern Electronics, I shipped them my speedometer, and they repaired it and shipped it back to me within 24 hours. I highly recommend you give them a call if you want to keep your mileage the same, and have your speedometer repaired. The number for Eastern Electronics is 1-800-221-2138.

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