OEM 7" display screen resolution? (2004-06)

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    I’d like to remaster some of my DVD’s at a lower resolution so I can pack more onto one DVD-R for use in the mini-van.

    Does anyone know the exact screen resolution of the Nissan OEM 7″ screens?

    From what I’ve learned, I need to burn DVD’s to region code 1 for them to work on the OEM DVD player.

    Any information or leads are appreciated.





    Does the output resolution really make a difference? The output will be scaled. Plus, it’s going to be small on those screens anyway. Really low resolution looks good on the ipod video.

    FWIW, I did a quick google search on 7″ LCD screens in auto applications and most came up at 800×600. That’s probably a good guess given that the screens in the ’04s would have to have been available in ’03 (when the first ones were actually built) and in sufficient quantities.

    With regard to region coding, it should also play just fine if you eliminate the region code completely. I have a few DVDs I’ve mastered from VHS and they have no region code, and they played just fine on the ’04 SL I had until recently.

    FWIW, the OE player will also play VCDs just fine, so you could also encode down to VCD quality. I just wish the CD players would play MP3 discs. It doesn’t matter as much now that the ipod interface is installed, but it’d still be nice.



    The output resolution being scaled down serves the purpose of allowing me to fit more onto the DVD-R. For example, putting all my kid’s Dora the Explorer episodes onto one DVD would be great for long trips. I could probably pack atleast 8 or perhaps 12 onto one DVD-R. (Press play and forget the kids for awhile.)

    Surprisingly, non-region coded DVD copies don’t work in my OEM player. For some reason, I at first thought that it just couldn’t read DVD-R’s, until someone asked me if my copies still had region coding on them. I replied that I stripped them. At my buddy’s behest, I reburned with the region code set back to 1 and it worked in the OEM player. Mind you, I have an ’06.

    I’ll try out a VCD this weekend and let you know if it worked.



    Can anyone concur that the screen resolution is 480-by-234?



    i was hoping to find a hack for it to make it :
    1 – Region free so that it plays DVDs from all over the world(though this maybe moot since the M&D site states that their DVDs play NTSC/PAL automatically. Have to test this out)
    2 – make it play MP3 discs(most DVD players do except this one).

    Thanks for any pointers in advance.

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