oil cooler leak?

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    i seem to have a leak around the oil cooler on my 04 quest. I have seen a few references to this problem out there, but nothing concrete. Is this an easy fix? how do you get to the seal to change it? it really only leaks when cold (for now but sure it will get worse)
    thanks for the help



    Just got a 2005 for my wife and it was making a mess of my driveway for this very reason. Called the local dealer and asked for a price on a new o-ring…$3.37 with the commment….we replace those all the time.

    Put in the new o-Ring and made sure I used a torque wrench so it was installed at 36 ft-lbs like the manual said….everything is good now.

    Changing is very easy. Drain the oil, remove the oil filter, and unscrew the shaft the oil filter screws onto (strange design). I tried doing this without removing the front wheel and it was hard to see what you were doing. If you drain the coolant and totally remove the cooler then that would work….but I didn’t drain the coolant so I could only get the cooler about an inch away from the block. You can twist the top away (coolant hoses enter on the bottom half) from the block so you can see the o-ring easily from above (if you remove the tire). I just cleaned the buildup off the surface on the block and slipped the o-ring into the slot on the oil cooler, bolted it back up.

    One thing I noticed….the o-ring I took out was a square profile about 3-4 mm thick, the NEW o-ring was about 5 or 6 mm thick. The extra width was shared on each side of the o-ring on a tapered section, making it almost round. Looks like they had enough problems to redesign the o-ring, but no recall…thanks a lot.

    I should have taken some pictures but I forgot.



    Stopping an oil leak can sometimes be frustrating if you don’t find and correct the source of the problem. The valve cover gaskets are probably just the symptom of the leak and not the source…
    oil exploration



    Looks like I’ve got the same issue on my ’04. I may try to tackle the o-ring this weekend if I can get the gasket in time. I’ll try to remember to take some pics.



    I recently purchased a 2006 Nissan Quest, I have some question about the car.

    Right now I am getting some oil leaks. I took to local oil change shop and gotten inspected. Next day I still see some leak, and took back to shop. They did another inspection, shows no sign of leaking. They told me the there were some oil on the filter. Can not get cleaned off 100% but they will manage to get it clean off.

    I did search on this forum, where someone in this post said use an O-RING to fix the leak. I was thinking to try that, except I would need to drain out oil first and take out the oil filter.

    I went to the change oil shop for the third time since there was still leak. This time I asked them to check thoroughly and they found out where the leak is coming from. Leak is coming from a rubber hose that is placed next to a tank where there is contact is made. For some reason I can not upload picture on this site.

    Question is that I am not sure if this covers under the drive train warranty since I have not hit 60K yet.

    Appreciate for any feedback. Thanks



    I ended up changing the o-ring and that did the trick. It was fairly simple and has not leaked since. Of course I forgot to take pics of the procedure because I was in a hurry.




    I am upset that nissan recalled all pick up trucks that had an oil leak from 2002-2012. What about these cars, HELLO these are nissan too!! You need to stand up and gain our respect and recall these cars and fix them.



    I created a petition to have Nissan recall all vehicles from 2002 – 2012 with this problem on face book cares 2 please sign to solve this problem.



    You have a warranty???
    Make an appt. schedule to fix it in the same day and/or kill some time, have a picnic, or work your job; but exercise that warranty before you get into real expensive stuff.
    You’re obviously not a DYI’er so get-on-it. 2006 is a nice van.
    Stay away from “oil change shops” they’re NOT certified mechanics as a rule. You can’t change your own oil??? ….. Oil change shops aren’t free either, neighbor.
    Be thankful it’s not a Beemer or some other killer shop costs that would kill your retirement fund….. lol.
    CALL THEM UP SOON…… Ask good questions. Guessing can be very expensive.
    Invest in your own auto/mechanics workbook for your van…… Don’t be ignorant of your “Horse”, its care and feeding.


    I have also had problems with oil leak on my car. I had oil sending unit replaced, which was said to be the culprit, but still have the leak.The guys who change my oil say it looks to be close to oil filter. OSU also close to filter. any suggestions?


    please let me know if you accomplish anything with this petition

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