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    My 2004 quest is overheating while idle. The A/C quits working and the engine temp raises quickly. When the car is driving there are no problems. What should I look for?



    It could be a few things. Check your coolant level first and make sure the radiator cap is on tight.



    I have noticed a similar problem on my 06. I look under the hood when at idle and have noticed that only the driver side fan may be runing when the AC is on and if left idling for extended period of time the gauge begins to climb, normally the display is showing 4 little squares, it will get to the fifth and has climbed to the sixth square,(at this point the second fan still does not run) also at this point the AC begins to not cool so good because the ECM is commanding it to shut the compressor down because it is detecting high temps. I now drive away in order to get some air flow going an the temp will come back down to normal. Here’s the interesting part: if I shut the AC off completly for a few seconds and turn it back on I then look under the hood and both fans are now running and they change speeds because the do so according to the manual the can be at low medium or high speed depending on conditions. At this point the car idles with no temperaure climb. Now for the most weird thing if I bump the top of the radiator while the fans are running they speed up, WTF is up with that? I find it to be possesed and very strange, could the fan s be going bad on a 37000 mile Quest or could this be a ECM problem. One of these days I will have Nissan diagnos this because I have never in my life seen a radiator fan speed up when bumped. Any one else seen high temps at idle with the AC running?



    My 04′ SE suddenly shut off on me while at idle and parked in drive. Initially it did not want to start back up but after several attempts the motor turned over. Once it started again and I selected drive it was obvious that the van was moving very slow even with my foot down on the accelerator. The engine check light was on as well. Lookin under the hood I notice there was coolant leaking from a part that was located right above the throtle body area. I do not know what the name of the part is but its obvious the it has a hose for coolant going in and coming out of it. It is a round cylinder part that about 4inches long and it is mounted under the hood in the engine compartment. Does anyone know what this part might be.



    If the vehicle heats up when it is sitting, but cools down when moving, it could be a radiator fan issue. When you are moving, the fan is not needed as much, because the flow of air from the front keeps the radiator cool. Turn on your heater inside the vehicle, with the AC off and the temperature all the way to HOT, and this should help to cool the engine, while you are on your way to see a knowledgeable technician.



    I parked my car at the pizzahut for 8 minutes with ac on my family was in teh car, the ac did’nt work just the fan running, saw the guage showing full heat and i immedeately stopped opend the hodd i can see the smoke with hot bubbles in the radiator reserve plastic one.

    Completely over heated plus the engine need service light was on.

    My radiator fan is not working, this is 2006 nissan with 40k miles on it.

    I started experiencing this problem recently when driving in the traffic stop and go even at those time the ac goes off., ac works again back when the vehicle goes abve 30mph.

    Any one has the same problem?
    Do i have to replace the whole rediator kit or is it the problem of the radiator fan thermostat?

    Thank you all for the helpful info.



    Had the oil changed and the mechanic spilled oil all over the fan in the front. Now when the defrost or A/c is on there is a terrible vibration. do I have to replace the whole fan or is there a way to fix this?



    Update: I finally ordered the complete fan motor assembly, spent Sunday morning replacing the dam thing; I did not go by the manual and instead unbolted the battery tray so I can have some room to pull the old assembly without having to pull the entire radiator. Guess what? the fans run!!!! the AC cools even better than before and no more overheating at idle, with or without the AC on. The fan motors where the culprit. I am so glad! summer temps are already starting and the Quest is now good for it.

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