P0325 and P0732 codes – Stalls when shifting from park

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    Occasionally, my 1999 Nissan Quest starts and idles fine, but when I shift into gear, reverse or forward the car knocks and stalls. If you can get the car moving the issue disappears after driving for five minutes. It doesn’t occur every day, but it does occur only first thing in the morning. The computer has two codes P0325 and P0732, however I am thinking the codes are the answer, not the problem. Since it only occurs in the morning and is fine after 10 minutes, I think it has something to do with warming the car up. Since the car has no choke, I am wondering if it could be a vacuum issue. Anyone have any insight? Thanks for any comments.



    Hey I do not have any adivce for this problem, but I am having the same issue. I was wondering if you ever found out what was wrong with your van?



    nope, still thinking about it.
    I’m leaning towards a vacuum issue.



    Experiencing same exact problem with 2001 quest. Any final remedies?



    P0325 deals with the knock sensor. From what I’ve read on the internet, it’s the wiring to the knock sensor that gets damaged. I would do a search using “1999 Nissan Quest P0325” to confirm. You’ll be shocked to see how common this issue is with this era Nissan.

    P0732 – Has to do with a gear malfunction. Here’s a TSB on P0732: http://engine-codes.com/p0732_nissan.html

    Good luck.



    Hey friend, I had the exact same problem. The answer for me was simple…top out the transmission fluid. The sensor may be reading low tranny fluid as a gear problem (code P0325). Mine did the same thing until I checked the tranny fluid, refilled it and it started and shifted normally. Hope this suggestion is not too late for you.




    Ignore Code P0325. Take care of P0732.

    Have you check the trany fluid? How often you replace the transmission fluid?

    Nissan recommends changing transmission fluid every 30K miles.




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