P0340 camshaft position sensor bank 1

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    I have a 2004 Nissan Quest that has a “P0340 camshaft position sensor bank 1″ reading. I bought the part at AutoZone, “Duralast- part# SU6480”, which is the bank 1 sensor. The part is somewhat L-shaped. In the repair manual, both sensors (bank 1 and 2) are on the driver’s side, one in front and the other towards the rear. The picture on the manual shows the bank 1 to be in the rear. After pulling it out it was a “straight” sensor, not the L-shaped. The “straight” sensor in the manual shows that to be bank 1 and the L shaped to be bank 2. Why would the part number and the picture description contradict? I called AutoZone and they confirmed that was the bank 1 part #. I don’t want to waste the $60+ putting in the wrong one. Anyone have any advice?



    How did you get this fixed? I am exactly in the same situation with autozone. I got a P0340 and went to autozone in vegas and they scanned the code for me and suggested that part. I also bought the durablast thats L shaped yesterday. But bank 1 is the one in the rear and supposedly that should be the straight one. appreciate any help.



    The official TSB says to replace just bank 1 for P0340. But when I had that code P0340 about 18 months ago, I replaced both camshaft sensors and that worked.

    Here’s the Nissan part number for Camshaft Position Sensor- Bank 1 23731-6J906. BTW, I used Advanced Auto parts sensors for mine.



    I can’t attach the official TSB regarding this code but the key element is P0340 AND “hard to start when warm”. If you have both of these symptoms, then you must replace both CPS sensors. I had both of these symptoms and replacing both sensors solved the problem.

    The part number for the second sensor is: Camshaft Position Sensor- Bank 2 – 23731-AL616

    If someone can give me directions to attach a file, I will gladly post it for everyone.

    Hope this helps!

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