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    Hi, all

    I have a 2007 Quest SE, the paint looks like silver. Could some one tell me where I can find the paint code (should tell you the type of paint and excat color) because I need to buy a paint pen to fix some scratches on its bady.

    Thanks so much in advance!




    Try checking the door jam. I think they have the color codes there. Or may take a pic of the sticker in the door jam and show it to the paint guys. They may be able to spot the code easier.



    The paint code is on a small placard inside the driver’s door. There is a large placard with all the tire pressure info that is easy to see. Down below it is a smaller one with more vehicle info. The last line (at least on mine) says “color” and the code. Mine is Majestic Blue and the code is BW9.



    Thanks. It is a good ideal talking a picture.



    Thanks. Actually I did look into any placard inside my Quest. There is a “color” on one of placards on drive side at the third line from bottom shown the code is K12? (I believe that is what I am looking for). Anyway I took a picture of whole placard. I will show this to some one when I buying paint pen. Hope it will work.

    Thanks again for both of you. Have a nice week!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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