parts/compatibility with '99 Mercury Villager and '94 quest ?

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    I have a new-to-me ’94 Quest with a few little problems. Biggest–radiator fan quit working. Also automatic seat belt has bad gear (I think), and could use a few cosmetic/body things replaced, like gas tank door, hood, thing spare tire hangs from, etc.

    Have offer for cheap of a ’99 Villager for parts.
    Any idea of cross-compatibility between two on mechanical and/or body parts, or how I would find out?

    Can’t afford to waste $ if most things won’t match.
    I guess we could drive the Quest over there and physically look, but the fan has to be repaired first obviously, so it would be nice if I could find out for sure some other way.

    The used parts places around here don’t have anything ’93-’98 Quest or Villager for parts, and the you-pull-parts places we have to just go wander around and look–which with our work schedules is pretty hard to do. So if most stuff fit it would be worth getting this one and keeping it for parts (or maybe going other way if it’s in overall better shape, dunno).

    Thank you!



    1993-1998 is the 1st generation

    1999-2002 is the 2nd generation

    look on ebay instead or



    1993-98 Villager Quest are about 80% common; 1999-02 are about 90% common. 1993-02 are only about 35% common.
    The 1993-95 were very common. 1996 was a freshening year so 1996-98 very common. 1999 was a new model – driver sliding door, 3.3L engine, etc.

    At the Villager-Quest site, I have posted the Mercury Product Order Guides for most model years.

    Gerry in Detroit

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