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    I know it’s not a very much thought of topic, especially when concerning a family mini-van, but I’m curious as to what performance parts are available for our Quest.

    So far, all i’ve been able to find is the K&N Drop-In Replacement air filter.

    How many of the things that can work with the VQ engine, apply to us as owners of the Quest?

    I’ve looked and looked all around and information is quite scarce. That, or I’m looking for the wrong things.

    Anyone have any more info on this topic?





    Mossy Performance lists cams. Cams tuned for top end power might not be a good fit for a heavy (relative to cars), tall-geared van. They don’t come cheap, either. An exhuast shop could make up an exhaust with a more open muffler. The stock exhaust doesn’t look to be optimized for power. I’m sure someone could make power adders (turbos, etc.) work. Are any of these things really worth it in a family van? I don’t know, but it makes for a semi-interesting topic of discussion.

    It would be nice if Nissan offered a stand-alone sport package with tighter suspension tuning and maybe a small power upgrade.

    06 Quest Base



    Intake and exhaust changes yield small changes for the money. The best thing you could do is get as much weight out of the vehicle as you can.

    Most Maxima rims bolt right up. It’s built on the Altima chassis but I doubt things like sway bar would fit. #1 bang for buck improvement would be replacing the OEM tires with just about anything else.

    What is your goal and budget?



    Garandman, my options for tires are limited to one as I have the PAX setup unless I want to swap out my rims entirely.

    Regarding goals, I don’t have any clearly defined picture as my options are still murky somewhat. Once the broad spectrum of what could be had is made available, then I can figure out how far do I really want to go with this.

    I basically gave up my last car (’98 VW Jetta GLX 5spd) which was a total blast to drive in, and went more pedestrian-like with the Quest as my immediate family had begun to increase in size.

    Although I know it’s quite a stretch to try and get a Quest to match the fun quotient of a sporting sedan, I know I still have fun hugging the sweeping on/off-ramps every now and then with my Quest.

    As to the budget, so far it’s been impulse buying. I’m sure numbers projections can be made once I know what to buy and how much.

    But as mentioned in another thread somewhere, the ’06 just has a terribly suspended rear end, especially since I drive with a full load on quite a number of occasions. Replacing or bolstering the rear suspension is first in priority.

    Replacing the disc rotors to something slotted and cross-drilled has been a thought. And I was thinking, is there a front strut cross-brace available for the Quest yet? That in itself should be a quick and slightly inexpensive mod that can sharpen up the steering precision. Don’t you agree?



    Cross drilled rotors are for appearance only. You can get cryogenically treated rotors that will last longer.

    Lots of Mini owners and other lose the run-flats to get better performing, lower cost tires. I just bought some 17×7″ rims and I think you could get larger, wider rims and still have clearance. That’s going to do the most, for the least.

    It is quite easy to add air springs and an onboard to support heavy loads, then let the air out for normal ride. I have no idea about high performance dampers – you’d have to check with a supplier like KYB or Bilstein.

    I haven’t looked under the hood at adding braces to the front. VW’s certainly need them. I’d think the Nissan structure is more robust. You could also check to see if anyone is making urethane suspension bushings. All these changes are going to make the ride more harsh.

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