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    Not many out there are looking to make a tuner out of their grocery getter, but stay with me on this one its has bang for its buck.

    I recently found out that I had a bad cat on my Quest. It was going to be $1500 at the stealer to replace the cat. I found instead. My brother-in-law purchased the Y pipe for his Altima a few months back and it made quite a bit of difference, but my main draw was the price. Replace 2 cats with high performance cats and eliminate one completely for under $800!

    I contacted the company and they had never tested the units on a Quest before so I decided to be a first. This is not an install for the avgerage DIYer. I had a skilled mechanic helping and it still took the better part of a day, though we did do a good bit more than just the cats and Y pipe.

    I purchased the cat and Ypipe kit for the MAXIMA not the Altima. Everything bolted right up. It did require a slight bend in the back heat shield to make it fit.^5Nissan%20Quest^6?cid=3407c94b3d4bf3bb&sc=photos



    Cool find. Thanks for being the guinea pig. Were they on backorder when you ordered them like the site currently says?



    Make sure you drive around a bit before going for an emissions test, so the one cat you now have is good and warm. I don’t like that they put 2 on there, but going to 1 may affect the test. Let us know!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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