Please help!! 2001 Nissan Quest SE timing belt. I'm getting conflicting info

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    Mechanic says my 2001 quest has an interference engine. Says ‘sometimes’ I have seen little to no damage if you just replace the timing belt. Says I have a 60/40 shot I don’t have bent valves. My mechanic friend says I have a NON interference engine. I am VERY CONFUSED by what I see online. Both claim to be true. Please SOMEONE tell me which one I have? The mechanic is quoting 3000+ for another engine/labor IF when they put the timing belt on it doesn’t RUN.

    Please confirm–it seems insane to have any interference engines on anything post 2000-

    Please, which engine do I have?



    Everything I’ve read states this is a non-interference engine.



    You may want to read the above link to put more light on the matter. I own a 2002 villager with 103k miles and will wait. The more I read about it I believe the villager is non interference and the quest is possibly interference.




    I would not wait in replacing the timing belt. Even though the engine is a non-interference engine, you don’t want to be stranded on the road at any given point.

    The belt replacement can be done in less than 12-hours (DIY) work including breaks and time for meals.




    My wifes quest broke the belt going 45mph she said ‘it made a grinding sound’ and died. I pulled the diet. cap and no rotor movement, i looked on the internet like everyone else and found all of the conflicting information. I pulled the plugs and ran a bore scope into the cyl’s. to my surprise there was no visable damage or signs of contact between the pistons and valves. long story short i put a belt on and it purred like a kitten. it is definatly worth the time and money to try before putting a motor in or junking the quest.


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