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    My 06 quest is nice looking but thats about it.If your considering buying one, do yourself a huge favor and buy the honda odsy,i owned a 02 and a 04 odsy and got great gas mpg and never had any issues whatsoever.This quest is a quest for fuel and a quest for $100 in extra fuel per month that is draining my wallet.18MPG hywy is 30% off what sticker said.Iwas told by the service dept that nissan says that in thier specs.THATS A TOTAL SCAM!!!!!Here are some other issues:1st week had it, gasket on sill of drivers door ripped,2nd wk rubber gasket on top of sliding door let go and tore,wicked rattle in power sliding door still not fixed,and when i take it through a car wash the front wind shield leaks like niagra falls and the dealer says they can’t get it to leak.The quality of this van is far far below what i was expecting and used to.I’m trying to love my van. but its all visual love only lol.Ive spent $1200 on nice after market rims,$450 on HOT custom painted stripes,$150 on matching front tint [HOT],$500 on a small alpine amp and boston acustics sub-woofer this is the best $$ you could spend ,this makes your existing system rock, sounds like i spent $3000 in stereo eqpt.Polished my muffler and tip.If this thing was as good as it looks it would hands down blow away the competition.I own one of the coolest looking minivans i’ve ever seen.Its so cool my teenagers like being seen it, and beg me to drive it and cruise in it.No way lol.



    I notice that gas mileage was poor. I drove to the coast recently and drove the Van harder, fast acceleration to speed and then cruise at 68 approx. Guess what average went from 18 to 23.6 mpg. I note that this is a motor that is underrated since it is also in the Z car. Try it do not baby your van but get it to speed and then cruise see what it does. I have no problems with my 2005 SE wish I waited the 2006 has some nice style changes…interior



    Send me pictures: pictures@questdriver.com

    Sounds like you need a new dealer! There are a few dealers in town I just don’t touch after bad experiences. If they give you the run around, claim directly to Nissan about and go to the next dealer — any of them will honor the warranty.



    I think I’d check back wit hthe dealer or examine the driver.

    We log all fuel use since new of our 05 Quest SL (5 spd auto). It now has 34,000 miles. The lowest average we have had for a 5,000 mile interval is 22.3mpg. The highest is 23.1mpg.

    Highest single tank was 27.5mpg – Fall highway trip. Lowest was 16.5 mpg – trip from VT in a snow storm. We just took a 1,000 mile trip with 3 adults and 3 kids and average over 24 mpg for the trip – 25.9 on the return trip. So your mpg of 18 on the highway is way, way off the scale.

    Based on the Odyssey forum at Edmunds, Quest owners are logging substantially better mpg than Odyssey owners – and they are very unhappy about it!



    I was initially disappointed with my 2006 SL Special Edition because the mileage was around 18.5 mpg but in the last month once the van passed the 18000 kilometer mark the mileage has increased to about 22.4 which isn’t too bad. It is a heavy vehicle after all.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

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