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    Hey folks
    my brother wants to sell me his 2001 mercury villager (for a really good price according to NADA) It has 115k miles on it and the timing belt has never been replaced. I’ve done timing belts on a 3.3 in a xterra and a pathfinder before. I was just wondering how difficult is a timing belt change in this model? Anybody have pics they’d like to share? Also, any advice on this model would be helpful. My wife really likes the van, but I don’t want to get into something that is gonna be a real problem. Oh, also, my brother is known for regular maintenance on his vehicles. He has records of the oil changes, trans fluid service, etc.

    Thanks in advance!



    Hi rpx518,

    The replacement of the timing belt on the Villager is about the same as on the Xterra and Sentra of similar years. They all have the same VG30 engine. This is a very good van. Mine is 192K miles and still going strong.





    3.3L are non-interference engines so you’re OK if you put it off for a while

    the spark plug illustrations to the distributor is incorrect, though as the #1 spark plug is clocked at ~7-8 position when looking at it from the front

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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