Power liftgate will not open with power

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    I recently bought a 2009 Nissan Quest SE from a Honda dealership. Part of the agreement when I purchased it was that they would replace the motor on the rear liftgate that was not functioning. They did, but the liftgate would not open with power without assistance. They then replaced the struts and that fixed it….while we were at the dealership. The next time we tried to open the liftgate with power it did the same as it did before; it would unlatch then immediately latch. If I pull the handle on the liftgate and pull slightly it will open fine the rest of the way by itself and it shuts fine with power. Thoughts?



    I have a 2005 Quest and the rear hatch will start to open then closes back again after a second or two. The strange part about this is it ONLY happens during hot weather!! I can manually open it but once parked outside in the hot Texas sun it won’t open…..anyone else have this problem???



    I have a 2004 Quest SE. My Quest had had exactly same symptom especially in hot weather in Fort Worth, TX. So, I bought two Hatch Lift Support cylinders and replaced them. Now I do not have problem any more. The reason I figured out is that the old support cylinders become too weak to pull up the gate when the latch is unlocked. Anyway, the following is the parts I bought.

    The items you ordered:
    Qty Product # Price EA
    1 Hatch Lift Support. Support cylinder. 904515Z000 $15.20
    1 Hatch Lift Support. Support cylinder. 904505Z000 $25.88
    Your order summary:
    2 products, 2 items $ 41.08
    Shipping To TX, USA $ 13.95
    $ 55.03

    I hope this is helpful to you guys.

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