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    I have a Xantrex Inverter 175+ that I have been using to power my laptop.
    I just plug it into the cigarette lighter in the van and I could work for hours or the kids could watch movies.
    It no longer works. I checked all of the fuses (I think) and found all of them working. I plugged the inverter into a different car and it works.
    Any Ideas ???



    There could be a chance that the inverter was pulling a lot of current throught the cigarette lighter wires and after long uses, the wires or the connecting point is heated to a point it has oxidized and corroded the conductors in the wire going to the cigarette lighter. If that happened, then your cigarette lighter can no longer supply enough current to power the inverter (even though there is 12V coming out). Do you have a radar detector or other 12V accessories you can try pluggin in? See if anything else works, if yes, then it’s a current issue in the cigarette lighter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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