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    I ordered an OEM ipod interface for my Nissan Quest 2004 ( It is IPOD3 on this page.). It is *without* the factory installed Satellite radio. I spent nearly 2 hours yesterday evening to take the radio/CD unit out and install the ipod interface. However, I find that the interface cable cannot be fully connected to the back of the radio. What I mean is, the interface cable has to connectors on one side (end 1) and one connector on the other end along with a “ground” connector (end 2). The larger connector on end 1 fits in one of the empty slots behind the radio/CD unit, but the smaller connector has nowhere to be connected. The connector on end 2 fits in one of the empty slots on the ipod interface. I am not worried about the “ground” connector as I think I can connect it to the nearest available screw on the body.

    To test, I connected my ipod (iTouch 3rd generation) to the ipod interface after connecting the interface cable to the radio with one of the connectors not connected anywhere. My ipod showed no sign of being connected. It did not start to charge. I could operate the ipod as if it was not connected to anything.

    Can someone tell me if I am doing anything wrong or if I have got the wrong interface cable or the wrong unit? I have left my car with all the interior dash board removed and not able to drive it. I would very much appreciate any help. I don’t want to put the dash back in place without installing the ipod interface as I have already spent considerable amount of time with it and don’t want to repeat it.

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice offered.



    Just bought car like week ago, still parked at my driveway, what should I start doing before to put her on the road?.



    I just recently realized that there are RCA input jacks on the front of the DVD player. The adapter was $10 at Radio Shack. They say you need the 4 connector plug for the iPhone, but the 3 works fine with both iPhone and iPod.



    You definitely need to install that small connector. This wire carries the constant and accessory power, I think. Remove the whole glove box and look above you should see a wire that connects to that harness. Mine works, but I really hate this OEM IPOD controller as it is a pain in the @$$ to navigate with an 04 Quest SE. Can’t use the steering wheel controls. Also the fact it doesn’t save the settings (shuffle songs in playlist) after turning car off. Maybe aftermarket IPOD controllers will work better.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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