question re: replacing rear windshield glass!

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    Hello! And thank you in advance to anyone who might have a minute to help on this one ….

    I have to replace the rear windshield glass on my 95 Quest which shattered into a million pieces yesterday. A friend of mine who helped me do the same thing on an old VW can help me again but only if the glass isn’t glued into place – which is the thing that I can’t quite tell by looking at it. There is a black rubber seal on the inside and out, and it seems that the glass is adhered to it, but it’s also been in there since 1995. So….does anyone know the answer? Is it possible to replace this windshield on our own? I really appreciate any help. Thank YOU!!

    ~ TH



    I have squeaky brakes and have had this problem since I purchase the car new. Would like to get the brakes replace but if I bought the car from dealer like that why go back to dealer and get same results. Please help??? I can’t take the brake noise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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