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    This forum is very quite….does that mean everyone is happy with their 2011 Quest and having no issues?



    Yeah unfortunately it’s very quiet here. I guess it either means everyone is happy or not to many people are buying it.

    Also Quest is not really an “enthusiast” car or loved like some people love their mid-size Altima or Accord and many owners own one simply because they need a minivan and do not care to go online and look up discussions, accessories, or news about them.

    I’ve been trying to find out when 2012 model will come out and if it will bring any changes, even minor like adding backup sensors but I am yet to find any information.



    Bought our Quest a month ago and can not find a half decent discussion forum on the net. I just got out of a Honda Oddy that I hated but the forum was the best I have ever been to and saved me Hundreds $ in repair costs. This really makes me sad…because if anything goes wrong..I sure am not going to find the answer in a forum. I guess all Nissan forums are nor created =.

    I do love my van though



    Welcome! This forum is so quiet that I rarely come here 🙁 There are way too many soccer moms driving this van and I doubt they will come here and talk about maintenance/modding. I am an enthusiasts though! I am running a set of coilovers and 20 inch rims on the van. HID headlights and LEDs on every exterior light. I am still looking into some sway bars and brace bars. Check out http://autostyle-usa.com/e52/ It’s for the Japanese Elgrand but the Quest shares a lot of internal parts with the E52.



    very true. Im a car guy as well. Which is why we got this van. We came from a TSX, then the 2010 maxima sv sport. With a growing family we wanted the mini-van. They aren’t cool… until people get inside of it and are just blown away!

    Those cross-overs may be cooler, but they are more expensive, worse gas mileage, and so soo much less space. These uncool mini vans are so very practical. Sliding doors are so nice, and the space and all the options on the inside are fantastic. Cup holders, dvd, power adapters, and power everything.

    Hopefully others will join in. The quest isn’t a big seller. But it is the best one out there I think anyway. We have 11K miles on ours now and its just awesome! We get some nice looks, people wondering what this is!

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