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    Hello all. New to the forums but been driving the quest trouble free since 2006.. until now.
    2006 nissan quest. A/c and engine temp is great when driving. But sometimes ( not all the time) when we stop the A/c air turns hot and the temp reaches the 3rd notch on the gauge. The fans are turning but I do not believe they are turning at the correct speed. Seems they are both going real slow ( compared to my nissan frontier fan speeds). I believe the fans(speed) are/is the problems but i’m getting conflicting information so I was hoping the experts here could shed light for me. He’s what I have been told..

    1. the ecm controls the fan and fan speed. change ECM

    2. I have 3 fan relays ( low-med-hi) located by the coolant tank. RElays need changing.

    3. bad fans, change fans.

    well theres the advice I got. I just got out of the USMC and money is tight because I havent found a job yet so trying to save some money. Anyone out there that could offer some light on this? I actually thought about installing after market fans with a temp sensor for around $150 but I dont want to jumo the gun yet. Thanks for any help that you can give me!

    UPDATE:::: Ok I went outside and looked while the van was hot. Started it up with a/c blowing. Engine temp good, right in the middle on the gauge. I checked the fans and the fans were NOT on. I took my finger and barely turned the fan and they came on. The were barely turning. WOuld it be best to just change the fans? Thanks again!



    I believe you need to do step #3
    I had the same exact problem and ended up being both fans defective. I replaced the entire assemby with a Dorman brand from e-bay $110)and have not had this problem repeat, the AC cools better then ever and the temp gauge never raises beyond the 4th square. The fans really blow and you can hear them!
    Normal temp. is always 4 little squares. Before the replacemnet I would see 5 and 6 squares and had to move otherwise the ECM commnads the AC to shut down because of the overheating. Now replacing the assembly is another task and I did it without having to drain the coolant and remove the entire radiator. In order to do it like this make sure you remove the battery and loosen the battery tray , this will give you the necessary room otherwise you will never get the assmbly out and be carefull not to damage the little fins of the radiatotr while fighting to remove it. Look up some old posts of mine I wrote about this…good luck!!
    P.S. the dealer will want about $500+ to do this , I onjly spent $110 and about an hours worth of labor.



    I have a 2004 doing the same exact thing. Was it the fans?



    I have a 2000 Nissan Quest that I have been driving a few years now.
    It recently started showing signs of overheating however not always.
    I have a Scangauge that I leave plugged into the OBDI port to monitor the stats .
    The coolant temperature is one that I monitor.
    My van only has one cooling fan.
    What I have noticed through my diagnosing of the issue is the cooling fan is not coming on however when I turn the AC on the cooling fan will come on and run for 3 seconds , turn off for 10 seconds then turn back on for 3 seconds then back off for 10 seconds.
    With the AC on the fan will continue with that same cycle of off and on.
    Each time the fan cycles on and off I hear a click from the fan relays.

    When the AC is on the AC compressor continues to run just as it is supposed to while the cooling fan cycles on and off.

    I have removed the coolant temperature sensor and cleaned it, removed the 3 relays ” they were factory from Nissan and glued in” and also checked the wiring plug that plugs into the fan.

    No change in anything.

    I have ordered a brand new temperature sensor , 3 new relays , and radiator fan motor in order to start the process of elimination once I have all of the parts in one place.

    The van has been sitting for 2 days with the negative battery post off in hope that the ECM and ECU do a reset while I am awaiting parts arrival.

    Hopefully I will have all of the parts tomorrow and start by replacing the temperature sensor first .

    Has anyone here had the same issue with a 2000 Nissan Quest single fan cooling system ?

    Thank You,


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