Rear A/C blower fan relay location??

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    1998 Quest. Rear A/C blower became intermittent when trying to turn on (sometimes would come on, others not), finally, won’t come on at all. Have taken the rear fan out and it checks good. I found a vertical row of relays, about 7 of them, next to the fuse panel in front of the driver’s left knee. According to my 1996 manual, there were four relays there and the rear blower relay was the second or third down (not important).

    I need to know if the ’98 rear fan relay is in this row and which one?? Also, is there still a relay on the printed circuit board of the dash control unit? (as shown with the defective solder joint here: )

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated….the dealer seems reluctant to share information like this, too much $$$ out of his pocket!!

    FYI, front windshield washer quit. It was not in the push button switch as described on the forum. Mine was a defective pump motor at the reservoir. There are two pumps, one for the front and one for the rear washer. The motor toward the front of the vehicle is for the front. There are two different part numbers for the OEM motors and about $35 ea. from the dealer. Got one from AutoZone for $17….had to be hardwired….big deal, it works like a champ!!




    I have a 98 Quest. The rear blower quit. I followed the procedure you referenced at That was the problem, failed solder joint. I did the repair and added a heavy wire on top of it to absorb the heat when the motor runs. Its been fine since.




    I am trying to understand the relationship between the Idle Air Control Valve and the A/C Fan relay. I was having issues where I changed my IACV, however, my idle was not increasing on cold start nor when I turned on the A/C. I accidentally changed the A/C fan relay and all is well…both working correctly.

    Now, looking at the physical wiring on the car, I can see where the computer would get its signal that the A/C is on from the fan relay. I wish I had understood this or were led to this.

    However, what is really baffling me is what the A/C fan relay has to do with cold starting the engine. I was led to believe that the air valve is what allowed the idle to increase because it gets its signal from the cold coolant…correctly so. It’s non-electrical.

    So why would changing the A/C fan relay now cause the car to idle correctly on cold start?

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