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    I just realized today that my 2005 Quest’s rear air is not working. The very back one that’s behind the third row on the sides works fine. But all the ones in the roof in the middle, and third row do not blow anything out. I just purchased the van in Nov, and havent really played around with it so no idea if they previously worked or not. I can put it on speed 4 as hot as it will go, and I hear it blasting out of the very rear, but nothing from the ceiling ones. Any ideas?



    Heat only comes out of the bottom vents, the idea is that heat rises. The top vents will only work with the AC to push cold air down on the passengers. The top and bottom never works together from what I understand.

    Hope this helps



    When we realized that the heat wasnt working, we tried the AC and just regular air on….and still nothing came out. Do I need to have the main heat/air control on a specific one for the back to work? Like the button where it’s facing the feet also?



    You have to have the front system ‘on’. Then you have to turn on the rear system. You can put the temp for the rear in the middle and you will get some air from bottom vents and top vents. If you put the front control on ‘R’ then the temp and fan is controlled by the rear settings knobs located on the rear ceiling.
    You can have the front AC on and the rear heat on. The rear will work regardless as long as the front system is ‘on’.
    Hope that helps…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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