Rear brake light replacement

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    Does any body know how to change Rear brake light. The instruction manual just says remove the screws to change light bulb. But the light enclosing does not seem to come out, did not want to put too much pressure. Can somebody tell me how to remove the light enclosure.




    I was told/shown to first remove the two bolts that are exposed when the liftgate is open.
    Then you will have to pull the light enclosure STRAIGHT BACK. There is a lot of resistance b/c of a friction point. Trust me, pull straight back.

    If I hadn’t already had the bulb in hand, I would’ve ordered some type of LED replacement as I don’t want to muscle that thing out again.

    FYI, this is for a 2004 Quest SE.



    thank you



    I agree that all you need to do is remove the two screws indicated in the manual and then pull straight back to remove the assembly. There are two plastic “pins” that hold the assembly on. I thought I was going to break the whole thing and then it just came off. Be careful though, the wiring is relatively short and if you pull too hard for too long, you could pull the wires out too.

    Mine is a 2007.



    I found this site today that has replacement LED lights for most of what the Quest uses.
    Brake/turn light specifically –



    I followed the other comments and yes they are accurate. After lifting the lift-gate there are two (2) screws on the tail light assembly that you can easily remove. Pull the plastic tail light cover straight back and it will come off. There are no other screws to remove. It sticks because there are pins that stick into a socket. Do not bend the light off to the side, just pull straight back. Wiggle it a little bit as you pull and it will come off. There a re short wires, so as soon as it somes loose – stop. You got the rest from there.



    Just changed both brake lights. $5.68 and 15min. Exactly like you guys said, except you will probably want to use a socket wrench to remove the 2 screws.

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