rear hatch will not close completely – warranty issue?

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    My rear hatch open fine. But, when the button is pushed to close it moves 6 inches and then the chime is heard and the door returns to the full open position. The dealer told me it MAY be under warranty and the diagnosis charge would be $90.00. I do not understand why I cannot be told with some probability whether or not this is a warranty item. The 2004 Quest SE has “basic coverage” to 5 yr/60K miles. (This is a courtesy extension by Nissan of the original 3 yr/36K basic coverage.)

    If someone has had a rear hatch repaired under warranty I would like to know.



    When you said “basic coverage”, I think this is for the power train which are for engine and transmission. The rear hatch will not be include in basic coverage, unless you have purchased an extend warranty which covers all the electrical items, otherwise, I think you will be out of luck.





    I had the same problem on my 2004 SL about a year ago. It was covered under the 5yr/60K basic warranty. I think I have a post on this site somewhere about it. If the dealer continues to give you trouble call Nissan customer service. My dealer is a pain about warranty work for some reason but Nissan customer service has been excellent. Currently I am arguing about exhaust brackets that Nissan issued a TSB for but the dealer won’t repair under warranty. The lady at customer service in frustration with the dealer told me to have it repaired and submit the bill to her for reimbursement. I also did it that way for my fuel pump failure that also had a TSB. I do not know why the dealer does not want to do the warranty work, isn’t that a freebee for them getting reimbursed from Nissan?



    It should be covered under warranty. My best guess is the service manager wants to make sure that it is a defect and not caused by an accident or some other method.

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