Rear hub replacement abs problem

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    The left rear hub was making a bad vibration sound. At the time I didnt know which side it was so I replaced both right and left rear hub. Seemed really easy and straight fwd. removed wheel, calipers, disk, then removed hubs..reverse step during install. When I put everything back together i started hearing a clicking sound and high pitched hum coming from the interior driver side..intermitly at times then when I applied the! there’s a pulsating springing action hapening..abs going off loud, very unsafe. Does anyone know what this is or has anyone had problem similar to this after the rear hub replacement??? maybe I missed a step??? Do I need to reset something??? Any help would greatly be appreciated…I’m actually thinking of putting back the old broken hubs to see if that would fix it back but wanted to see any replies here before doing it. THANK YOU!!!



    When you say rear hubs are you saying the rear hub bearing (whole unit) or you replaced the structure of the rear hub. I assume rear hub bearings.

    If so then I would go back and make sure the bearing has seated all the way in. Maybe remove it clean the surface making sure there is no rust or junk in where the hub seats. Also make sure to unbolt the abs sensor and be sure it is clean and bolts back in correctly. It sound like one of the two might be off set slightly or not seated fully.
    I replaced the rear and one of my fronts with no issues. I used Timken hub bearings and it all went together easy. I had on bad rear one so decided to do both. If you need my good OEM rear I can send it to you but I think you will find the problem doing the Above ^^^^ steps.



    Yes it was for the whole unit..I ended up using Partsmaster which was off ebay and the Timken so hopefully it was ok. I first thought that maybe I got the wrong part and it didnt have the ABS ring or something (like old school cars)..Then of course all the 2006 quest came with abs so it could’ve been it. As you suggested I’ll take the abs sensor carefully out) looks like a 10 or 12mm single bolt and clean it. If that doesn’t work I’ll try to go back to removing the wheel, caliper and disk and double check/clean everything and see if that helps. Thank you!



    So this is the problem of the vehicle. Very much appreciated that you posted the problems and solutions.
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