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    I’ve got a 2005 Quest that for the most part I truly enjoy. The past few months have been a bit of a nuisance though with the rear liftgate/hatch. It started a few months ago when I would lock the car at night. After sitting locked for a few hours, the alarm would go off. Didn’t happen all the time, maybe once or twice a week. It’s parked in our garage, so I stopped locking it to keep from waking the neighbors, and myself. Well, as it progressed the light on the dash indicating a door was ajar (red light) would come on as well as would the message indicating the rear door was ajar.

    Now it’s to the point that I find myself not wanting to drive the thing anywhere because I can’t lock it for fear of the alarm going off. That’s assuming I can even get it to lock at all. Seems to not want to lock as if there is a sensor indicating the door is open and it won’t let me lock the doors. I cannot find a sensor anywhere other than the pinch seams. Those do not seem like a logical issue as they do seem to work properly when tested in a pinch situation.

    Is there a sensor I am missing, similar to the sliding door sensors? I cannot seem to find anything. Perhaps it’s inside the latch mechanism? That would potentially be much more costly than I care to fix at this point. Is it possible to just unplug a fuse or a wire connection so the computer thinks the door is closed anyway? Thus enabling me to lock the vehicle without fear of the alarm going off all the time? Like I said, I’d prefer not to spend $1000 or so on replacing the latch mechanism if there’s an easy way to get around the issue. I could care less if the alarm portion actually works properly when the system thinks its armed and the door opens.

    Thanks in advance for any and all replies.



    anyone have any suggestions for this? I’m still having issues. Perhaps I could just track down the wire for the sensor and unplug it, thus allowing me to at least lock the doors without the “alarm” issue.



    I had a problem like this except the car alarm did not go off. What would happen is that the door ajar dinging noise would go off sometimes while driving and then it progressed more often, even as the van was being parked. There is a electrical problem inside the top rear hatch liftgate, Nissan service department could not figure it out until they called the Nissan corporate office and notice several Nissan Quest vans were having the same problem. They had to order a eletrical part (I think it happened because of corrosion) I will have to get back with you on the precise details and costs since I have ALOT of repair receipts on my Quest.



    That would be great if you could come up with something. I’m going on vacation end of this week and I would really love to be able to lock my van.

    I talked to a service technician at the dealership, and he said he’d never heard of anything like that, and the best thing he would do is start tossing parts at it until the problem went away. Sound like an expensive way to figure out the problem if you ask me. I sure do appreciate your help here.

    At this point, if I could even figure out which wire to disconnect for the sensor, I’d go ahead and do that for the time being, assuming the lock mechanism would still work. From what I gather, the door ajar sensor is in the latch assembly itself. Anything really that would help to just be able to lock it, manual or with the key fob, without having the alarm go off.



    I’ve been looking for a replacement liftgate and am running out of options. Does anyone here know where I can find such a thing? It doesn’t have to be a complete gate. I have a rather large dent about where the logo mounts. No broken glass and it works perfectly, latch and all. No interior damage. It was the result of an oversize truck in an undersize parking space combined with a momentary blind spot as I changed mirrors. I was barely moving but momentum was enough to push the corner of his bumper into the liftgate panel about 2+ inches. Where was that rear vision camera when I needed it?

    Anyway, all ideas welcome.

    Bill Babb
    IBM Retiree
    Twitter: Oldbill70

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