Rear lock of sliding door – How do I replace it?

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    We have a 1996 Quest. With the terrible state of San Diego roads, the rear lock of the sliding door (note there are 2 locks on this door – the one on the leading edge, and then the one on the other end of the door), has had enough bouncing around and now does not work – so the sliding door doesn’t close properly. It will stay locked because the lock is on the front part edge of the door. But, it’s terrible to drive around with only the leading edge “closed”.

    A quote of over $250 to fix it! Car has over 266K miles – now just a wagon to for the beach – and while it’s uncomfortable and noisy with the door like this it still gets everything to the beach.

    Anyone know how to get the rear lock out of the body of the car? We can probably buy a lock from the wreckers.


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