Rear Pillar switch fell inside the interior

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    I have an 04 Nissan Quest and I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the rear panels so, I could snap the switch back into place.

    I have removed the 2 screws on the left, but I can not seem to get the panels to move and I am trying not to break them. The 2 screws on the right do not seem to help and come out. One spins and does nothing and the other does not budge.

    Let me know if anyone has some better recommendatoins. Thanks in advance.



    I just went through this on the weekend and this is how I did it…
    To remove the bag hook screws I used a rag/towel to cover the plastic and a pair of channel locks.
    You need to get the two left screws and the top right screw out, the bottom right can stay.
    To remvoe the side panel, in addition to the bag screws, you need to remove the bottom rear panel first.
    With the rear door open, stand in the center of the van and reach down into the stow n go cavity.
    You should be able to get your fingers under the bottom of the rear panel and gently pull out (there are three to four snap pins that hold the panel at the bottom). Once the bottom of the panel is free you can lift up to unlock the top of the rear panel. Once the back panel is free and the bag hook screws are removed the side panel comes out easily.
    Just reverse the steps to re-install. You need to watch the rubber seal when reinstalling the side panel, I did it in slow stages to keep the seal from getting pinched between the frame and the panel.



    By “bag hook screws,” I assume you are referring to the cargo net hooks, which are on the sides of the interior in the cargo area. While these can be used for shopping bag hooks, the only true bag hooks are on the backs of the seats.



    you are correct, didnt know for sure what term to use but I figured people would get what I was referring to. thanks for clarifying..

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