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    He all,

    2005 Quest S. 60k miles.

    The power tailgate works when it wants to. It will go for a month where it works as it should, then gives us trouble for a while, then works, etc…

    Anyone had similar issues?

    I was at the dealer today dealing with a bad catalytic converter that threw the Check Engine light and I asked if they have had any/many problems with the Quest and the tailgate. Of course they said no.

    Thanks, Matt



    We had our motor replaced at 35,000 on the lift gate. However, when it stopped working, it never worked again.



    I have the same problem in my 2004. Gonna get it looked at soon then report back. It seems to fail in the cold up here in Canada.




    my 04 hatch recently quit. i am also in Canada (SWOnt) dealer wants 937C$ for the motor and 243 C$ for the labour. i can hear the motor running but the hatch does not open or close. seems like a premature failure to me. i sure don’t think its worth $1180 dollars to repair !

    2004 quest 120kms



    I had the same problem with my 2004 SL about a year ago with 28k miles. The dealer replaced it under warranty. Of course they broke the support arm in the process and had to weld it back in place at the body shop. All turned out well … just inconvenient. I have not had a problem with the new one to date.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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