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    Today I discovered that my 2004 SE has a rear windshield wiper mount conceived by the devil. It looks unlike anything you can buy at a standard auto parts store. Have been spending the evening trying to hunt one down on-line as the dealer wants 31 dollars for the unit. I have found one for 17 dollars but it is only the on-line help-guys conviction that makes me believe this will work. Well, that and the return policy. Has anyone had any success locating this part anywhere? I really have a thing about not giving the dealer any money.




    I have yet to find a aftermarket replacement blade for the rear wiper. But thanks for the tip on the dealer price!



    Anco 19-14 refill fits the rear wipe just fine and it is about $5+. The Anco blade assembly that uses this refill will also fit.



    Do you have a picture of one with the Anco blade assembly on it? I haven’t looked at it recently, but it occurs to me that it did not look like it would be easy or possible to put the blade assembly on, and I would likely have to go with the refill.

    Also, why couldn’t they make the wiper arm so that you could open it all the way up, away from the glass, like the ones on the front? It’s a pain to replace blades or refills when you can’t pull the wiper arm away more than a couple of inches.

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    Yeah mine is gone so far ExactFit by Trico makes one other than Bosch ;part # 14D $14.95 Advance auto parts.If you can find one.



    I have replaced mine…
    Dealer are selling them for $50+…
    I bought mine at Partsources for $10. It is slightly bigger than OEM, but still get the job done… i also believe it’s call 14D



    I too used the Anco solution…it was a little tedious to get on, but, I saved a lot of $$ and it works fine.



    I had mine replaced. The whole system broke.
    covina windshield replacement



    So that you’d go to the dealer. Did you think they worried about your family budget at Nissan?



    lol, it’s the same way with the wife’s Acura mdx… but another online forum saved me $ when it’s time to replace the rear wiper blade

    aftermarkets’ blades work



    Trico Exact Fit Rear Integral Blade – There’s several versions for the various rear wiper arms so you have to look them up by vehicle make, model and year.



    I actually took the old blades off my car (had to replace anyway for winter) and took the rubber and metal strips out of the mounting sleeve, cut it to size of the rear bracket, just had to slide them in the old holders and used a pair of kleins on the end and bent it (end of the metal slider sleeve) so it wont move….cheapest and most effective way to replace it in my opinion.



    Our 08 has one nut and the assembly is off and much easier to deal with. Just have to find the blade now.



    Thank you for the suggestion! I couldn’t find the Anco, but I did find that the Bosch Excel+ blades also worked. I bought the 17″ (shortest they had in the store) for around $12. I cut it down, using the cutting blade on a pair of side cutting pliers, to about 1/4″ shorter than the maximum length of the plastic. I threaded it through three of the holder brackets, starting with the 2nd one in. Then I was able to bend the blade back enough to tuck the loose end into the last bracket. It’s a little bit of work but hopefully this can help someone else save a few dollars.

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