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    Hi – can anyone help? We ended up with a dvd getting stuck in the dvd player with the inability to eject. It was making a grinding noise but it was at least still registering as a component installed in the vehicle. My husband removed the unit to get the stuck dvd out of the player but when he went to reinstall it. The van no longer recognized in the main dash controls that we even had a dvd installed in the vehicle. Is there a programming key or something that we need to do for the car to re-recognize the player?



    I am not aware of any procedure to re-initialize the player. Last weekend I took mine out because it kept saying unreadable format or something like that. I unplugged it and removed it, when I took the top cover off and looked inside guess what? a nickel inside the player! one of my kids must have thought it was a slot machine LOL….any ways I removed the nickel, took the player back to the van reconnected it and it’s been working fine. I would just double check the connectors and make sure there are no bent pins or anyhting unusual…good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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