Removal of rear brake rotors

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    I`ve owned this 2004 Nissan Quest since day one. I have changed the brakes three times and have not needed to change the rear brake rotors until now. I got the caliper off but now I`m stumped. This particular vehicle has a back plate surrounding the rotor which is not allowing me to swing my mallet to knock the rotors off. There seems to be one retaing screw instead of two which is weird only having just one.Usually these retaining screws are phillips head. This screw head looks like its a specialty type. But I`m not sure what this thing is I mean screw head is.Does anybody know if it is a retaining screw and if it is do I need to purchase a specialty socket from Nissan( which I really don`t want to do ) .I blew off all the dust and rust off with my compressor. I soaked the rotors with penetrating oil and brake fluid overnight and the next day I took a hammer to the spaces between the wheel studs and then to area where the caliper sits `cause thats the only area with an open space behind the rotor and still no luck. Do I need to purchase a puller? Can someone H-E-L-P !!! Please thanks.



    The back rotors are also Drum Brakes. You need to release the pressure on the internal shoes. Read up on drum brake changes.



    I just beat the living sh.. out of mine when I took the rotors off. Yes there’s not much room to do it but you have to be persistant and keep pounding them and eventually they’ll come off. I know that doesn’t sound like great advice but that’s all I have for right now.


    Is your quest a 2004? Does your rotor have a retaining screw? If it does where did you get the socket? Did you have to disconnect the lower control arm, spring and shock absorber to help remove the backplate surrounding the rotor to help with the swinging of the hammer? Is it true that the rotor also act like a drum? Did you have to release the internal pressure of the shoes to help release the rotor?



    There are no retaining screws
    I released the tension of the Internal shows and used a crow bar to pri the rotors off. I was replacing them anyway.


    My quest is a 2004. There is some kind of screw head in between my wheel studs. It seems like it needs a special socket. There`s no hex head, it`s not a phillips or a torx head. It almost looks like a flat blade screwdriver but the ends look kind of rounded off. Maybe what I`m looking at might be the device that releases the pressure of the internal shoes? I hope not `cause I dont know how to do rear drum brakes.


    I own a 2004 Nissan Quest S. I`m in the process of trying to remove my rear brake rotors but, can`t figure out how to release the pressure of the internal shoes of the rear brake rotors.

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