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    t bags

    anyone known of a good way to rmeove this unit?i just got a 2002 quest today and the vcr does not work.i already purchased a 7” flip up unit for the dash so this has to go…tia



    My wife has a 2002 Quest with the same problem.
    There is a special security screw at the base of the console on the drivers side.
    This screw holds the VCP unit in the console.
    Any regular hex head or star socket will not work.

    We are replacing the VCP with another found on eBay ($25) because our VCP has higher mileage than the van itself. Also, my wife is still scared to make the leap to DVD and wants to get her dollar’s worth out of our remaining VHS tape…I know, to much info.

    With that being said, I found a 33 piece set of TORX security chucks on eBay for $9.99 and free shipping.
    I don’t know what size head the screw is, but am sure it will be in the set.
    Search eBay at:


    The seller is:


    His Email:

    You’ll need to get the chucks that fit in a ratchet, not the hand wrenches because of the tight area you have to work in.
    If you don’t have a miniature socket wrench, you’ll need one of those.
    Any Sears, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. will have that.

    Once the screw is removed, press the release found at the front of the console.
    If you’re looking to remove the entire console, there may be a carpet issue, if not exposed wiring fro the entire VCP cabinet removal.

    I’ll also refer to this link:

    Hope I’ve been of some help.



    Today my huband and I took out the tv vcr console out of our 1999 nissan quest. Its bolted right thru to the bottom. My husband went under the the car to hold the bolt and I used the socket rench to loosen the bolt. Since there are holes there we put the bolts back and tightened it.

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