Replace 2004 quest rotors and calipers to stop judder

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    I want to keep my 2004 Quest (don’t laugh) for a while longer. Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the calipers and rotors with larger ones to prevent rotor warp?



    What’s wrong with your calipers?

    Warpage is caused by an intentional design flaw in the modern ABS breaks – the rotors are too thin and do not have enough mass to dissipate the heat. This is not only a Quest issue – many vehicles on the roads have exact same symptoms.

    I would get new rotors if yours are worn and cannot be machined further and try using more relaxed driving style, keep a longer distance from the vehicles ahead etc. That would prolong the rotor and pad life.

    When I bought the Quest back in 2008, I did not know that and drove in exact same manner I used to drive the old Maxima. Then the rotors warped and my mechanic told me of the above. Since then I slowed down and never had the issue again. Right now I am on the machined once rotors and still no pulsation in the brake pedal.



    NB this is a cross-post from another forum. I looked into the same issue, and gave up after a while. I can share my findings so far…

    Compared to the Sienna and Odyssey, the Quest already has very large calipers, but the rotors are comparatively small. Even the other Nissans I checked use larger rotors but smaller calipers. I think Nissan kept the rotors small so they would fit under all the smaller diameter rims the Quest came with.

    It would be ideal to be able to fit the larger rotor (Murano, Maxima, Z, etc.) and keep the existing caliper. You would need an adapter bracket that moves the calipers radially further out. Looking at the caliper mounting, I didn’t see how that was possible.

    I don’t think you’ll easily find any larger floating calipers, and large fixed 4-pot caliper will not fit under the stock rims. That’s as far as I got in my research and trial fitting. If you find a solution, please let me know.



    Thanks for sharing your research / information. I’m finding the same situation — no easy solution. Fortunately the judder isn’t as bad as it used to be. It’s minor, but still there. I’ll try some higher end rotors next time. We’ll see how they do after a few trips through the Smokey Mountains this summer.

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