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    I just replaced my OEM tires, Toyo A22, at 7677 miles. I did some research to see what tires worked well on the Quest but most with 2011+ Quests don’t seem to have replaced yet. If anyone else has done it please add to this thread your impressions of the replacements to help others make a choice.

    I have 235/55R18 size. I chose the Michelin Premier A/S. I replaced the Toyo A22s because it seemed they had no traction in snow and I would slide sideways going up my driveway. This is only with one day of driving but I went to a town with snow/ice covered streets. The day was warm, however, so things may not be the same in a -5 F driving situation.

    So far here are my impressions.
    – better traction overall
    – better stability in cornering
    – about the same on noise. Maybe a smidge worse but really not noticeable. It was really windy yesterday so that could have affect the noise. When I took my car over to Costco it was about 8:30 a.m. and the wind hadn’t kicked up yet. I picked it up at 11 a.m. and it was really blowing.
    – noticeably harsher over expansion groves or cracks in the road. I feel the bump whereas with my old ones they really absorbed it.
    – tested on several icy patches/snow covered roads they seemed to stop straight on pure ice even if they slid a little bit forward. This was purposely panic stopping and not the way I would stop in real life. I was purposely trying to get them to slide and they did really well. Did not slide easily or hardly at all when I slammed on the brakes. All the real stops there was no sliding at all.

    At only one point I had concerns with them. I was on the freeway when I hit a rough patch that seemed to bounce the car from right to left and then right and left again through the spot. However this could have easily been a heavily damaged road section vs. the fault of the tires. We have 75 mph speed limits here and they were very stable, no vibration, rode straight on the freeway. Also the road has some very bad sections and they did not seem to ride rough or make noise in these sections. I did feel like I felt the little rubber nubs through the steering wheel but this should wear off over time and did not translate into vibration of the wheel.


    I’ve had the tires for a few days and I am probably going to return them. In driving over my regularly traveled roads I am noticing expansion joints and cracks that I never knew were there with the old tires. The Michelin Premier A/S makes the Quest ride like a truck. I checked the tire pressure and they are all set correctly. However a bigger concern is they seem to occasionally destabilize the minivan when hitting a rough patch. There is a road I go on all the time that has a bit of a dip/rise in it. The old tires never had a problem. I went over it at 40 mph (the speed limit) with my new tires the other day and was bounced in a unsettling manner, similar to what I had experienced on the freeway the first day.

    Luckily Costco offers either a swap out or cash back so I have lots of options in terms of returning. I just have to figure out what tire to try next.


    This may help someone in the future so I’ll keep a running account of my tire buying experience.

    I bought my Michelin Premier A/Ss from Costco. Thankfully they will take them back for a full refund, not just an exchange. They are so wonderful that I really wanted to stay with them. However their tire selection is pretty limited. I researched the heck out of all their options for the Quest and was not finding something that sounded right.

    My new search focused on only minivan user reviews because clearly a top ranked tire for a car or SUV was not going to fit the bill. The Nissan Quest users are not represented in the reviews (in other words I could find none). So I moved on to Sienna and Odyssey reviews. There were more of those but they were not positive for the Costco offered tires.

    The Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring had some good reviews on the tire review sites. And to my happiness it showed up with good reviews in the Honda and Toyota forums. I saw one review for someone who had bought it from Sam’s club and did not like it but Sam’s club exchanged it for the Michelin Defender (not offered in my tire size). Ah ha! A place that let you exchange across brands, just like Costco. Goodyear and their authorized dealers want to only let you exchange within a brand. I also checked prices and Sam’s club was competitive with only a $45 club join fee and they had a large selection of alternatives should these not work. They also ranked top for their road hazard guarantee and installation package. So I placed my order and they should be in within a week.

    Consumer Reports ranking (in their 2015 buying guide) for the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring is as follows:
    8th in the Performance All-Season V-Speed Rated – actually the 7th, 8th and 9th scores were tied.
    Full striped circle – snow traction, tread life
    Half striped circle – hydroplaning, ride comfort, noise, rolling resistance
    Plain white circle – dry braking, wet braking, handling, ice braking
    Half black or full black – nothing

    Is this what I would have chosen based in the ratings or the rep. of Goodyear? No. I have never heard good things about Goodyear tires but one cannot deny real users experience. The suspension system, weight, driving characteristics of the minivan are different than the BWM or other brand sedans that the tests use.

    In about a week I will get the tires so will report on my experiences after that. I’m looking for a good soft, comfy ride, reasonable handling and enough snow traction that I can get up my driveway into my garage if it starts snowing while I am out.

    I am comforted that the tire does the best in snow traction and at least middle of the line or better in all the other categories. It does nothing poorly which cannot be said of 4 of the higher ranking tires in it’s category. If you took those 4 out then this tire is ranked 4th, with the 2nd and 3rd place one not offered in my size.

    The top ranked one Continental PureContact which I researched and found poor reviews for the Toyota Sienna, referencing loud, wander, rough riding, noisy. The reviews for the Goodyear included poor tread wear, traction and handling decent, low noise, good ride to about the 25K to 35K mileage mark, poor balance (meaning the tires need to be balanced). These were off the tire review sites. The responses on the user forums were overwhelmingly positive for the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring. Another point in its favor is that TireRack lists it as the top suggested tire for minivans.


    Goodyear Assured Comfortreds Touring Initial Impressions:
    Got the tires 5 days ago.

    Not noisy
    Tracks straight
    Somewhere in between the Toto A22s and Michelin Premiers on
    Corner tracking. Seems OK. Not as stiff in corners as the Michelin Premier A/Ss. Not as floaty as the A22s.
    Biggest disappointment is that they are still rough over expansion joints and cracks. Not nearly as bad as the Michelin Premier A/Ss but not nearly as good as the Toyo A22s. Reviews reported feeling like floating on clouds but that is not the case with the 18″ wheels on the Nissan Quest. Maybe the 16″ wheels are better. I don’t know if I can change to those types of wheels.

    Just had a big snow storm with ice on the streets so I tested it. I was pretty impressed. Good tracking through the snow, icy corners and icy streets. I forced it into some skids and it skidded straight. Stopping distance on ice wasn’t great but I would have never driven that fast on ice anyways.

    The big challenge was attempting getting up the driveway. On the way down I stopped and it slid forward about a foot so I knew I had some nice ice to attempt under the snow.

    First attempt up the drive I went slow and stopped half way up on purpose to try starting on an uphill with ice. It was a no-go. With just front wheel drive I didn’t budge an inch. I then backed off and restarted but this time maintained momentum on a fresh line through the snow and made it up with no problem. The Toyo A22s in similar conditions allowed the van to slide sideways.

    Am I keeping them? Probably. I don’t have anywhere to go from here to get a better ride and I need to be able to get up the driveway if it snows when I am out.




    I have 2012 Nissan Quest LE also. I am also looking to replace tires. Van has ~17K miles and I am surprised, that need to replaced soon.

    At around ~5K miles, I had flat tire and Both Walmart and Les schwab told me that they cannot repair tire. I had to replace one tire at that time. I did not have time and I did not have much choice, I went with Les schwab and they recommended me Toyo UltraZ 900 and I was told by them it is very good tire. so now I have three toyo A22 and one toyo ultraZ 900. So far tire has been good but cant really tell difference but did not feel anything negative with that tire.

    Costo recommends Michelin Latitude Tour
    Les schwab recommends toyo ultraZ 900
    American tire recommends Michelin Premiers A/S

    Based on your experience it looks Michelin Premiers is not a good tire.
    At this point I do not know but looks like toyo ultraZ 900 could be way to go but this tire is exclusive to Les schwab only.


    Thanks for the input satuls. I’m just seeing your post as I did not see an e-mail from the site with your comment.

    I just got back from having the Goodyears taken off for the summer. The tire was GREAT in the snow and ice. I only noticed whining once on a particular road but since I don’t drive with my windows open in the winter much I can’t say whether it is a problem for that tire or not. The tire seemed OK at high speeds. At first they seemed a little less stable at high speeds then the Toyos but then I didn’t seem to notice it so either I got used to it or the tire did.

    The reason I changed back is that I missed the floaty ride of the Toyos so I figured, why not change them back for the summer. Except, having them back on now, there is no floaty ride. They ride very similar to the Goodyears. So now I’m left wondering whether the Toyos were underinflated when I bought the van and hence the floaty ride. They couldn’t have been too underinflated because the tire pressure monitor would have gone off.

    Just a little disappointed that I spent $40 to change them back with no improvement in the ride.

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