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    I just acquired a 2001 Mercury Villager (Quest) and it has a standard AM/FM Cassette radio. I want to install a factory CD/Cass unit that I will purchase from a boneyard. I’ve been reading that it may need to be programmed by a dealer. True?



    Hi Bornloser,

    I really do not recommend you to look for a factory radio. These radios are well known for the screen go completely dark. They do not need programming by the way.

    Your best option would be to purchase an aftermarket unit. I installed a Pioneer with integrated handsfree bluetooth that I use with my cellphone. For less than $250.00 dollars I can now make and receive phone calls while driving without having to hold the phone with one hand and drive with the other. The Pioneers have a Parrot system integrated and the quality of the call is amazing.

    My 2 cents.




    I also have a blank stereo in my 1999 Quest. Pedro, or anyone else that would know, since I have the 6 CD changer below the radio that is intergrated into the system, do I need to take it to a stereo shop to have it put in or is it pretty easy to do? any ideas?



    While you’re waiting for an answer from Pedro, look at You can search based on your vehicle and it tells you if it fits or not. They also include detailed instructions for installation.



    I also have the six CD changer at the bottom of the console. The CD changer is useless with any aftermarket radio. I opted to leave it installed until I figure out how to make a drawer or someting to cover the hole.

    dtownfb is correct in recommending crutchfield. That’s were I purchased my pioneer radio with handsfree bluetooth that I love. Extremely clear sound to voice calls. Better clarity that my Acura MDX handfree system. Imagine that!

    Installation of a new system is very easy. Do not pay for that service. Crutchfuield will send you an installation kit with everything you need. You only need to do some soldering of the wiring of the new unit and the connector adapters for the original radio connectors.



    I put in a Sony BT2500 in my 2002. It has Bluetooth (music and phone) cd and ipod input. You can get a custom installation kit that has the matching cable for quest on Ebay. I can know have a cd radio that will also answer my phone as the new cars have. Whole thing cost me less than $150.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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