Replacing PAX wheels on 2007 Quest SE

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    I’m trying to replace the PAX wheels on my 2007 Quest SE with standard rims / tires. Does anyone have suggestions for replacement rims and where to get them. Also, does a spare wheel fit in the SE sold with the PAX system and if so, where can you get one of these.



    I am having the same issue and need to replace my wheels/tires….any info would be great



    i had those on my 2006 quest. been told by michelin i can not replace them . i did’nt care.
    i had enough of their terrible customer relations. they actually sent a tire to a honda dealer near me even though i told them i was concerned about the wear on the other tires. they didnt care. and the honda dealer was going to charge me first for the tire for the amount of 250 dollars and 150 labor.

    i went ahead and replaced the wheelset. i now have to find a spare tire.



    I have a 2006 Quest with 17″ wheels PAX tires, which I have already replaced 3 of the tires. Now, a year later, they have worn again, with basically 3 bald tires. I found on Craigslist 4 PAX tires that are from a 2007 w/ 19″ wheels, but same PAX tire…
    Will they fit on my 2006? Or am I just going to waste $$ again. The guy said it’s a final sale.

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