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    My drivers side mirror is gone and the mounting bracket on the back with it. The motor inside the housing seems to be working ok. It looks like I will have to buy a complete unit from a salvage place, but I think I can pop out the mirror with the mouinting bracket on it and pop it into my housing. Any tips on exactly how you do this without risking breaking the mirror?



    If only the mirror glass was detached replacing it would be straight forward. Some sort of epoxy (JB weld, regular epoxy) or maybe Goop should be sufficient. Without the bracket you might be out of luck. I know this may not be the exact answer that you want. Recently someone was nice enough to knock my passenger side mirror clean off. I was able to find a mirror at the self service junkyard for $15. The removal and install wasn’t bad and I was done in less than an hour. The donor was a newer model and the plug was not the same. I had to rewire it to match the car. Here are the big steps involved.

    1)All screws out of door panel (most are under little caps)
    2)Start at lower part of door pop out snaps (careful at they are fragile)use fingers or flat blade like putty knife or big screwdriver.
    3)At this point only the top of the door panel should be attached.
    4)Reach up and under to detach window and door lock harnesses (there should be about 3-4).
    5)The door panel can be pulled off now. Having the window down might be helpful on this part.
    6)With inner door exposed gently pull back the corner of the clear sheeting to get at the plug for the mirror. There are 3 nuts holding the mirror on, think they are 10mm.
    7)Going back on is just reverse order.




    Replacement is what you may need in this situation.
    burbank auto glass

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