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    Hi all,
    It is time for me to change all my tires and I found to my horror that it is going to cost me around $1,500 (PAX tires).
    I thought $500/year for tires is too much and I want to replace the tires with regular tires. It is probably going to cost me the same (if I have to replace wheels and tires) but at least 3 years from now I don’t have to cough up another $1500.

    Has anyone done this?

    Can I use the same wheels and replace the tires?

    I heard it is against federal laws to disable the sensor. Is this true?

    Any help you guys can provide me is greatly appreciated.



    Less than a month ago I finally decided to swap the OE Goodyear tires(36000 miles) for Michelin Primacy MXV4 after much relexion on price and specs, I was about to go on vacation and add 4000 miles to my Quest. Those new tires are so quiet, it’s unbelievable,it’s a different car. I never really noticed the noise before like other people complained about because the 07 has better sound proofing materials. Another complaint since i bought the van 3 yrs ago is the suspension( body roll & and rear suspension softness when kids are seating in the 3rd row seat or bag of groceries are added to the trunk) …I never thought that the tires were mostly responsible for that. I’ve had company before going on vacation and we used all 7 seats with great comfort, and the trip we just came back from, well… the car was loaded and performed as expected. I’m extremely satisfied with them except for one thing if you compare them with Michelin Hydroedge, the latter performs better in really heavy downpour. Unfortunately they don’t make the hydroedge in OE size.



    i had the michelin pax.

    bad! bad! bad!

    since the michelin pax was 19″ in diameter.

    i got 20″ aftermarket wheels. w/245 zr 40 20 tires .

    i would not go any bigger than this.

    the sensors i removed myself destroying the pax wheels… I ENJOYED DOING! the rims i recycled at the recycling plant.

    but you should try the 16″ wheels that the van came with. contact your dealer for the size

    and look for a spare



    Are these so expensive because they are ‘run flat’?

    I replaced worn out OEMs a few months back. The Continental Conti Pro Contacts cost me around $500. This is the 3d time I used Tire Rack and was happy every time.

    The tire shop was worrying that the sensor light may come on, but it has not. They just put the wheels onto the same hub they came from and the computer connected just fine. Anyway, they usually have a contact at the dealership who can tell them how to reset.

    The only very slight problem with Conti Pro Contacts is that after putting them on I got slight shaking of the steering wheel at about 65 mph, otherwise they are awesome. The tire shop said that one of the tires required 4 oz weight and they thought it was too much, but I’ve seen heavier weights. These are large tires, so nothing unusual.

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