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    Anyone know how to reset the TPMS in an 04 Quest? The alarm keeps sounding in mine and saying I have a flat tire. I have checked all tires and the are all properly inflated. None of them are underinflated or overinflated. Any ideas? I think I read somewhere about removing the negative battery terminal and touching it to the positive battery terminal?????



    Never touch the negative cable to the positive battery terminal, or vice versa. You will cause problems that way.

    You might try disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes or so, but please don’t switch battery terminals.



    We recently replaced the stem on the Nissan Quest tire at Mavis Discount Tire. Now there is an asterick where the pressure is supposed to be displayed for that tire. Does anyone know a fix for this? Nissan wants to charge 95.00 to reset the computer.



    I would ask Mavis Discount Tire to reset the computer. All tire companies are trained with the TPMS and should be able to reset it properly. It should not be a big deal for them at all.



    Hey, i was having a similar problem and then one of my friends told me to take a look at It has everything that you will ever need to know about TPMS. Hope this is helpful.



    I had a similar problem. Firestone reset mine for $30



    On long trips, one of my tires stops showing the pressure and the light warning light comes on.
    The first time it happened, I pulled over and checked that pressure on all tires and they were all fine. When I turned the van back on and start driving, the TPMS works fine for all the tires.
    Does anyone know the cost of replacing one transmitter?


    Jimmy Newtron

    Check out my tread in the Wheels and Tires forum on how to do it. It’s step by step and even includes photos…
    Good luck,

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