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    My 99 Villager has a rough idle when the engine warms up. RPM is around 6500, which I believe is normal. I have cleaned the throttle body, replaced plugs (.41 gap) and wires, cleaned MAF, cleaned injectors, and replaced fuel filter. It runs great when driving and accelerating. Just recently CEL light came on and Auto Zone tester says it is “Cylinder One Misfire”. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



    I have found with other vehicles that the idle air control valve will cause a rough idle, but the car will run normal with any other throttle position. good luck



    I’m not sure if you have coil packs or a distributor. When the coil packs went bad on my 99 Maxima, it gave me rough idle and the same CEL, but it ran fine while driving. I’m sorry i just realized you said that you repalced the wires, that means you have a distributor. Did you replace the cap and rotor?



    did the owner actually pulled and check the spark plug to that one cylinder? and checked the wire going to it?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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