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    So I just replaced my speed sensor and distributor in 02 Nissan Quest and car is driving well most of the time. Threw out my driving I would 1 of every 5 times starting the van it will sputter and wanna die or just shut off. If it does this and give it some gas in the process it fixes the issue. Also if I am in a drive thru or leave car running at gas pump and get back in it will hesitate to start going but then goes. I bought a bottle of fuel system cleaner and car ran better but is now back few days later. No codes being given. My first guesses would be fuel filter or air filter. Hoping not the fuel pump cause that may be tough expensive job. The ban does run as it should after year occurrences so I assume fuel pump is good. Any ideas or advice of what to throw at the problem?




    I assume you replaced the complete distributor including rotor and cap. If not, are these still originals? If yes, I would start with replacing the rotor and distributor cap. I replaced these along with the spark plug wires around 168K miles and it brought my van back to steady and smooth idle.

    If you want to check the spark plug wires? check their resistance with an ohm-meter.

    Cyl 1 6.5K ohm max
    Cyl 2 10.0K ohm max
    Cyl 3 8.5K ohm max
    Cyl 4 12.5k ohm max
    Cyl 5 8.5k phm max
    Cyl 6 11.0k ohm max

    If they are over those max values or too close, replace them with a new set of wires. Use prestolite brand. That is one of the original brands used by Nissan on these engines. I bought my current set at for about $66.00.

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