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    Recently picked up a 2005 SE with quite a few miles on it….but couldn’t pass up the deal. Anyway, stuck my head under it to see if it was the cause of a puddle of oil on the driveway, doesn’t look like it.

    But noticed the serpentine belt was badly cracked all over. I’ve priced it out and will change shortly…but I saw another belt off the crank and I’m not sure what its for. When I go to the kragen site and click on belts/hoses the only belt it shows is the serpentine. I was hoping it would list a second belt (maybe alternator) so I could quickly figure this out, price it, and plan to change both on the weekend.

    So the long winded dissertation can be summed up as…..what is the belt next to the serpentine belt?

    Related question….are the service manuals being sold on ebay OK, or is there something better out there?

    Thx, Mike



    Dug up a manual…turns out the other belt is for the power steering pump. Hope this helps someone else. Now i just need to find someone who sells it…..guess I could break down and hit a Nissan dealership.

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    By mcpcartier at 2008-11-13



    I paid $20 for the belt at dealership. Took me 30 min. to change the belt. I have very little experience. Also, pay extra attention at the hardware behind the lock nut.



    I have found to be a good source for auto parts if you know what you are after. A serpentine belt and a Power steering belt are good examples of things that when you are buying them, you know exactly what you’re after.

    They have a Dayco PS belt for $8.25 and a Serpentine (Alternator, Compressor, Idler) for $14.15. Both of these exceed manufacturer’s specs.

    Northern Virginia

    2008 Nissan Quest S



    cfamily, Thanks for the post. This will help all of us DIY people sooner or later.

    Some cars are fast, some cars are fun…. …my Miata is not fast.



    My bad…I didn’t notice that on the Kragen site they had both power steering and accessory serpentine belts listed together. I thought it was just a list of differnt makes of the accessory belt.

    I did get burned though….they have two lenghts for the power steering belt…32″ and 30.5″. I guessed 32″ and I needed the shorter one.

    Well its done and behind me now.

    Rockauto does have good prices. Luckyily I bought local so I could quickly exchange. Now that I’m sure I could order off the web next time….only 80,000 miles to go.



    So my belt is starting to show cracks, etc. and when I took the car to the dealer for a service bulletin they asked me if I wanted them to have them replaced for like $180. I said no, bought the belts at advance auto and when I tried replacing them I can’t remove the nut from the idler as it is too tight. Do you know if I first need to loosen the tension of the belt prior to removing the nut from the idler? Also, it seems like all of the nuts and bolts are very hard to reach; anyone of you have tried replacing them youselves? If so, what tools do you recommend?

    Thanks a lot,




    The AC belt is not a problem, it’s the power steering belt that’s a bitch, you must be under the car totally because you have to reach the main bolt that holds the PS bracket without loosening that bolt you can’t move the pump and remove that belt. I got under the van last weekend and it’s just not enough room to reach it. You wouldn’t wan’t to just replace the AC belt and not the PS belt. I bought both belts and now I am stuck unless i get the van on jack stands. Has anyone replaced the PS belt?



    Does anyone have or know a location of a diagram and “how to” on changing the belts on our 08 Quest?


    2008 Quest



    Hi everyone! Today I try to replace PS belt & AC belt it is nothing. But Tonight I read that on this forum Thanks Guys. I did not try yet but sooner I will post how I did that.



    Hi you tube very clear, i don’t think you need to replace PS belt that soon.



    Hi, my 97 quest squeals pretty bad, but only when it is raining out. Was wondering if anyone has experienced this before? Is it a simple belt replacement?



    i have a 2004 quest-s model and i dont know how much belt tension to give my drive belts when changing them with new ones. i heard that giving then 1 inch to both belts should be good enough.

    Does anyone know how much belt tension new belts need for both belts when changing them? also i dont have a tool to measure the tension, so i’ll try to do it the old fashion way, a ruler to measure it in inches or cm.

    Can anyone supply me with this info. in the simplest way?



    I changed both belts out at 120,000 miles. I have to admit it was a pain but no worse than changing out the serpentine belt on my 06 Honda Pilot. I was little concerned on getting the correct tension and had to tighten it a couple times due to squeeling because I was paronoid of over tightening the belt.

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