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    My 2005 quest started showing various symptoms such as AC fan control issues, Temperature issues, etc. When I took it to the mechanic, he told me that my ECM is rusted and he blamed it on mouse sleeping on the warm module. Since it was in warranty, they replaced it. Now after another year, Service Engine Soon light turned on. I took it to a diagnostic center, and they replaced the oxygen sensors according to the error code. The check engine light is still on. Does anybody know of any other failure that causes it. Is it again the rusty ECM? Please help



    This could be so many things. I would contact the diagnostic center and let them know your “check engine” light is still on. It could be as simple as they did not reset the code or you haven’t had enough “start-ups” to clear the code on it’s own. Or it could be an entirely new code. You won’t know until they check it out again. And they should do it for free.

    Ask for the code number as well.

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    One thing you can consider doing is to go to a local parts store and see if they will pull the codes for you. There are a couple of national chain parts stores that will do it for free.

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