Service engine soon, three times in as many weeks.

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    We love our 2004 Quest, and recently had the “service engine soon” light up for an O2 sensor. However, two days later, the light came back. Off to the dealer who did a ‘soft reset’ to tell the ECU to re-learn. Within a week the light came on AGAIN! Dealer spent half-a-day, but couldn’t figure out what was going on. Has anyone else had this experience?

    Is there a way to check the OBD codes when the SEL lights up?

    ..and we only have a little over 20,000miles on this car!

    thanks all,



    i had to change my alt. last week end cause of cracks and i had bought the power steering belt just in case i found any cracks which i didn’t but i figured i might as well change it now so that i don’t have to deal with it later.any help would be helpful



    Local auto part dealers like Auto Zone can read the codes.



    Hey, you did much better than me. I have a 2009 Quest bought on 1/21/09; it has 4475 miles on it, and today I got the “Service Engine Soon” message. No problem with the gas cap, which is a frequent culprit, so I guess it’s in to the dealer tomorrow.

    I love the van when it works, but this is my third annoyance so far (first, the iPod connector can’t be advanced from the steering wheel controls, even though it’s supposed to according to the instructions; second, the plastic pins holding the mirror hinges onto the sun visors have broken off; and now this).



    Hi~ Clffbig
    Both me and my Brother in Law bought a brand new 3.5S at last Sep.
    Both got SES Light on at Last Week at 16,000 km ” we are Canadian ” ~
    Under 10,000 Miles on the Cock .

    So far both Van are running fine , and we both Love It .

    I’m interesting in your story at the Dealer .





    The dealer said that the problem was an improperly seated gas cap; it was supposedly caused by some sort of grit on the rim that stopped the gas cap from forming a proper vacuum seal. I was baffled as to how (a) a car that is kept in the garage except when driven around town could have this problem,(b) how I could have such a problem with this car when it’s never occurred with any of the two-dozen-plus cars I’ve owned over the years, and (c) why the car doesn’t give something more informative than a generic “service engine soon” light.

    Either way, the dealer covered it under the warranty and it took only about fifteen minutes, so I couldn’t complain about the service aspect of the whole deal!



    Today, just about two weeks after the dealer reset and supposedly solved my “Service Engine Soon” problem, the problem returned. I have been meticulously careful to make sure that the gas cap is properly seated and tightened after a fillup, so I am sure the problem is not mine (I own another Nissan and have never had this problem, nor have I had it with any other car that I’ve owned in the past forty years, so I don’t believe that I’ve suddenly lost the ability to replace the gas filler cap.)

    Back to the dealer tomorrow to see what’s causing the problem, since their first diagnosis was clearly incorrect.



    This time ask the dealer for the specific OBDII code and have it spelled out on the work order so it is stored in Nissan’s computer system with your VIN. I doubt it is your gas cap causing the problems. Unfortunately none of us can help you without knowing the code number.

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    Hi I have agreed with you that basic car parts are up to date and managed in our cars.



    The dealer I purchased my used 05′ Quest from told me that a lot of times when these vans have their service engine light coming on a lot, it’s because too much alcohol is getting into the engine because gas is made with 10% ethanol now something about 02 but I dont understand much car lingo. So, he said to try 100% gasoline which I did and voila it went off after a few driving trips. I let it get low again, stopped at a Shell and put 10% ethanol gas in it since that is all they have. Within two days it was back on again. Worth a shot.



    I also have a 2005 Quest and the Service Engine Light came on…we originally thought it was the gas cap issue, but it stayed on for a couple of fill ups. Ours is out of warrantly so I took it to a local, reputable shop I use…after a full day of investigating they found faulty body ground wires for both my traction control and supplement restraint system. Minimal repair when discovered….but needed.



    Had this happen on 2008 Quest SE after only a few thousand miles, dealer said it was the gas cap. After a week the light would go off, and soon after come right back on. We just ignored it like it was an old Ford. Now with 60,000 miles on it, the light hardly ever comes on. It’s the crappy gas here in Minnesota. I put new tires and brake pads on last week (-20F in the driveway), other than that no problems.


    same problem i have i owned bergen county taxi and limo and there are some problems in my drives too should i service them or there is much better solutions for them that is long and lasting plus money saving



    I have a Nissan Quest 2004, 87000 km and I have the same problem. Inspection at a dealer told me to change my air filter. It can be this problem, service engine soon?



    So, I made an appointment to bring my Quest in to our dealer after explaining that the light had come on. They wanted a $100 diagnosis charge. But after reading these posts about the gas cap, I simply wiped down the cap and tighten it back on. The light went right off. Needless to say, I cancelled my appointment. But it made me wonder, if this problem is so common and so easy to at least try and fix yourself, how come our dealer didn’t suggest it in the first place before having to bring it in and charge me all that money? Okay, I realize that was a rhetorical question.

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