Shifter won't shift into "overdrive off"

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    Hi everyone, my wife and I just bought a 2006 Quest base model. I think it is messed up though. When I press the button on the shifter, it doesn’t turn overdrive off. I played with it a little and pressed the button like 20 times and it finally turned it off (the dash light stated it was off) and it took about 20 times of pressing hard to turn it back on and make the dash light go out.

    What could be wrong? I guess, electronics, wiring, transmission, but I hope it isn’t physically the transmission. Could this cause problems with the car if we drive it like this? The car has 500 miles on it and we’ve had it for one day.





    Not sure what happened, but after playing with the button it works now… wierd…



    I took the shifter knob off when I was installing my dvd system. With the knob removed you can see a pair of simple contacts that the button depresses. You may want to remove the knob and take a look to see if something is out of adjustment. Maybe the knob isn’t pressed in all the way which would misalign the button and contacts. If it was me though I’d bring it back to the dealer to have them make it right.



    Right there exactly where you’re pressing 20 times,,, the wires are loose,,, I opened mine and easy to turn on turn off overdrive!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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